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EarMonsters is available for download from the App Store!


The reviews are in!


"So when I stumble upon a fresh and creative app, particularly an app that pushes humanity forward in cold dark universe, I take a closer look. One such app is Ear Monsters: A 3D Audio Game by Ear Games" -- MacNewsWorld


"it provides something totally different resulting in challenging, addictive, bite-size fun. It's definitely worth checking out, and I look forward to seeing how it develops in the future." -- TUAW


Monsters from a parallel dimension have created wormholes into our Universe. Although they quickly become invisible in our dimension, they don't realize that we can still hear them!


Your Mission: Kill as many monsters as you can, as fast as you can




Kill monsters by tapping the screen where you hear them


Defuse any bombs you hear by touching them


When you hear air support overhead, you have unlimited ammo -- every tap increases you score


Cool 3D sound effects are unlocked by reaching gameplay milestones. Follow us on facebook for occastional hints and tips!

The 3D Sound Gallery lets players hear custom 3D sound effects from the game!

You can really rack up the points by tapping as fast as you can to defend from an aerial attack (which, of course, you can't see but can clearly hear overhead!)

In the Practice Arena, you can see as well as hear the enemies, to hone your skills

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